Member Leaders

2017 Call for Nominations

Please submit names of nominated individuals to Grace (Fletcher) Baboukis, Secretary, via e-mail at no later 12-SEP-2016.  Nominations require the submission of a nomination petition signed by at least 10 Regular Members*. Completed petition forms may also be submitted to the secretary or designee in person at the section’s 12-SEP-2016 professional development meeting.

A nomination petition template is available directly from ASQ at the following url: 

Note: Eligible individuals must be Regular Members* of the Society and have a membership in the St. Petersburg-Tampa Section.

Below is a brief description of each position that is open for nominations.  Each of these positions is for a one-year term though first-year incumbents are encouraged to run for a second term.

The Chair provides leadership and oversight to the member unit, prepares meeting agendas, and is the presiding officer.

The Secretary documents member unit business and maintains the records. This position serves as the official correspondent of the member unit.

The Treasurer oversees funds, maintains accurate financial records, and reports on financial condition as directed by the Society bylaws and applicable policies and procedures. 

*Regular members are voting members of the Society: Full, Senior, Fellow, Honorary, and primary contact of Site/Enterprise/School/District memberships.

For more information, please contact Wendy Williams, Nominating Committee Chair, at

Member Leaders

Arrangements Chair:
Tiffani Nielsen

Audit Chair: Brad Near/Nancy Duarte /

Certification / Examining Chair: Wendy Williams

Chair: Juneau Colleur

Chair-Elect: Gil Pinney

Education Chair: Open
Brad Near

Membership Chair: Luz Bueno
Newsletter Chair: Luz Bueno
Nominating Chair: Kimberly Dixon
Past Chair: Kimberly Dixon
Placement Chair: Deborah Holt  
Programs Chair: Daniel Leon
Recertification Chair: Richard Wong and Sara Kaplan
Secretary: Grace Fletcher
Treasurer: Karen Scangarello
Internet Liaison: 

Voice of Customer Chair: Luz Bueno

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